hey, i'm hannah, 17, ace-aro, agender (they/them/theirs please!). im the actual child of newt geiszler and hanji zoe. i make music and mostly reblog stuff. i like homestuck, pacific rim, legos, some anime, some vidja games, and social justice. i tag common triggers but feel free to ask me to tag anything you need!

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Aug 31

wow the demo was so much better than the album version for real tho

Jun 24

im really concerned that tribalstuck is just gonna be some culturally appropriative, poorly-researched bullshit and i dont want that to happen oh man

May 30

i just broke a tortilla chip in half and a shard of it flew into my eye i feel like this says a lot about my life

Jan 29


I love it when they put in little things like this, to show their young audience that the best kinds of heroes are the ones who won’t hesitate to hold someone’s hand when they’re scared. Props to you, Adventure Time.

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Jul 10

May 21


when I find myself in times of trouble

tom hiddleston comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


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